Sacramento Mandarins Member Handbook

Our History, Our Philosophy

We celebrate our 55th anniversary in 2018 The Ye Wah Drum & Lyra Corps' first rehearsal was on March 23, 1963 and in 1967 our name was changed to the Mandarins Drum & Bugle Corps. The Mandarins are a Drum Corps International (DCI) World Class drum corps, as part of “Marching Music’s Major League”. The Mandarins have taught thousands of young men and women the values of Respect, Excellence, Personal Responsibility and Service to Others -- values which are carried through school, careers, and back to the community -- with a true sense of purpose.

Competition is intense in drum corps, and it will be an exciting part of your experience, but it is not our primary mission. We look at competition as a way to pace each other to new levels of excellence. You will learn that to be truly successful, you must first meet your own standards, and that the most demanding judge you will ever encounter should be yourself. We, as the Mandarins, are successful when we give you an environment in which it is safe to take risks, try new things and experience amazing breakthroughs. You will find you are capable of much more than you ever realized.

Membership in the Mandarins is a profound personal growth experience. We require your best effort, a great attitude, a total commitment, and both personal and financial responsibility. You will receive the same in return from the Mandarins.


Our MISSION is simple, yet powerful…
Celebrating Youth, Transforming Lives

We will help you set and achieve goals, and we will help you set new standards and expectations for yourself that will last a lifetime. You will find here a safe place to discover who you really are. You will come away from a summer with us more mature, motivated and self-confident, and with new, lifelong friends.

A key facet of our success is our consistent and committed teaching, design and support staff. Combined with tremendous support from our community and many volunteers, the Mandarins continue to grow and succeed.

We build the Mandarins one member at a time. We are committed to providing a positive, healthy and supportive atmosphere for you and your entire family.

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