Drum Corps 1963 and 2018

The Sacramento Mandarins Made History

Drum Corps 1963 and 2018

For the first time in its 55-year history, the Mandarins are a Top 12 World Class drum corps. The Mandarins placed 11th out of 40 corps in the 2018 DCI Championship Prelims, advancing to 10th place of 12 corps in both Semifinals and Finals. For the entire season, their production, Life Rite After — with distinctive uniforms, a unique rotating stage, amazing repertoire, and more — has been an audience favorite with rousing standing ovations.. See the season’s score history and commentary here. The final comment: “Mandarins should give us all hope and excitement for the future of this activity. They took a lot of risks and spent a lot of money to build this show. Keep this team together and this will be a regular on finals nights.”

Founded in 1963 as the Ye Wah (Sacramento Chinese Community) drum corps, the organization’s mission celebrates youth and transforms lives. Although our name has changed to the Mandarins, the Ye Wah motto has meaning today: You and I • Enriched in Friendship • Willingness to Learn • Ability to Do • Have Fun.

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