Mandarins Music Academy Honor Band

The Mandarins Music Academy Honor Band performed in concert at our March Brass Camp. Comprised of 47 young musicians in grades 4th-6th, the Honor Band delighted families and friends with their repertoire. The Mandarins Music Academy, a vision of Mandarins President and CEO Jim Tabuchi, began two years ago with one elementary school and seven students, to give the gift of music to youngsters who might not otherwise be able to learn to play a music instrument, due to the reductions in music education programs in public schools. Today, the Mandarins Music Academy provides after-school music education to 150 students, at 11 elementary schools, in three different school districts.

We believe that instrumental music delivers numerous benefits when provided to students early in age. Research studies have confirmed that students achieve higher test scores, have better attendance, and have a social grouping in school; some have even said that music helps to shape the young brain.

Learn more about the Mandarins Music Academy and view the Honor Band concert video below.

We wish to acknowledge support from the Arata Family Trust • Dennis Manger Fund • Sacramento Region Community Foundation • California Arts Council • Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission • KHS Instruments (Jupiter, Mapex, Majestic) • Elk Grove Unified School District • Sacramento City Unified School District • San Juan Unified School District

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