Mandarins Announce 2020 Design and Caption Manager Team

2020 Season Auditions Begin in California and throughout the U.S.

The Mandarins are pleased to welcome back for 2020 their design team of Peter Beckhart (Visual Designer), Key Poulan (Brass Arranger), Mario Ramirez (Creative Director & Color Guard Designer) and Caption Managers Tim Snyder (Brass), Joseph Hayes (Visual), Mario Ramirez (Color Guard) and Beno Morris (Sound Engineer). This team will once again be under the direction of Program Director Ike Jackson.

We would also like to introduce our 2020 percussion team led by Caption Manager and Battery Arranger Ben Pyles and Front Ensemble Arranger Bryan Harmsen. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Mandarins and we look forward to the new opportunities that their instructional team will bring to the 2020 membership. Pyles stated, “We’re ready to get to work and add to the rapidly growing culture of excellence that the Mandarins have already established.” Harmsen added, “It’s an exciting time to have been brought into the fold with this organization and I’m absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented cast of designers and educators here at the Mandarins.” “We believe that this is the right team at the right time as the Mandarins look to continue to build on our recent creative and competitive excellence,” stated Corps Director JW Koester.  Program Director, Ike Jackson added, “Once again the Mandarins will be staging a fun, new and exciting twist to the DCI community. I’m excited to welcome our new percussion design team as well as our returning designers as we continue to move forward and bring the Mandarins 2020 show to life.”

See the team’s bios here. The first 2020 audition camps will begin in November and December in California and throughout the U.S.

The Sacramento Mandarins in 2019 achieved something that hasn’t been in done in about two decades. As a DCI Finalist in 2018, the Mandarins repeated for a Top 10 ranking for the second time in a row. The Mandarins are proud to have impacted the lives of thousands of youth, teaching them the values of respect, leadership, discipline, and good citizenship with a true sense of purpose.

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