Announcing the First Mandarins World Class Home Show!

 The Sacramento Mandarins are proud to host our first-ever DCI World Class drum corps competition. The “DCI Capital Classic Presented by” will be held on Sunday, June 21, 2020. An incredible line-up will feature the Blue Devils (A, B, and C Corps), Santa Clara Vanguard (A Corps and Cadets), Mandarins, and The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps. Together these corps represent over 40 DCI World and Open Class World Championships.

DCI Capital Classic Presented by will be held at the historic Hughes Stadium on the campus of Sacramento City College and will be a musical community event. 

  • VIP package includes the very best seats in the house, a Mandarins special meal, free VIP parking, unlimited cold water during the show and a special standstill performance by the Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps to be viewed exclusively by those with VIP tickets.
  • We are introducing a concept called, “Drum Corps Central”, which will be a place to gather for friends, families and alumni of drum corps past and present. This will be held at BBQ and Burgers restaurant, just across the street from the stadium at 2114 Sutterville Road, where you can enjoy food and drinks prior to the show. There you can watch classic corps videos, view drum corps memorabilia and catch up with friends whom you marched with back in the day.
  • We will be honoring the memory of Jim Ott, the famed drum corps brass arranger, who passed away 40 years ago this summer.
  • The National Anthem at our show will be performed by a full spectrum of Mandarins performers including elementary, middle and high school students from our Mandarins Music Academy, our Mandarins Alumni and current Mandarins members.

“With the Mandarins celebrating our 57th anniversary, we are excited to be able to host our first-ever DCI World Class home show in Sacramento. While this is the first week of the competitive season, this is also the final chance to see the Mandarins and all of the other World Class Corps in Northern California. So this is also our send off show,” stated Jim Tabuchi, President and CEO of the Sacramento Mandarins. 

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The Sacramento Mandarins in 2019 achieved something that hasn’t been in done in about two decades. As a DCI Finalist in 2018, the Mandarins repeated for a Top 10 ranking for the second time in a row. The Mandarins are proud to have impacted the lives of thousands of youth, teaching them the values of respect, leadership, discipline, and good citizenship with a true sense of purpose.

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