Drum Corps Update from JW

Hi All,

Yep, it is that time of the year! What time of the year you ask? That time of the year where more things than not, are still up in the air, waiting for decisions to be made before actions can be taken. And this year certainly fits that bill!  Since the summer non-season wrapped up, we have been working behind the scenes developing multiple scenarios for what 2021 could look like. From transportation to housing, to creating that safe “bubble” for the drum corps, we have been looking at every aspect that you can imagine and probably a few more. 
I meet weekly with various DCI committees to discuss all of the things I just mentioned plus many, many more as we also need to look at what Drum Corps International needs to do to survive these crazy times. Yes, DCI, the business entity, has furloughed many of their operations staff, they currently have limited cash flow, and they need to figure out how to operate events within the parameters of the “new” norm.  It is quite the daunting task as you can imagine. 
We are also working with a very dynamic landscape where new information regarding the COVID-19 virus becomes available almost every day. And so, we need to add that new information into our existing plans and adjust accordingly. Phew, are you tired yet? Because there are days where I absolutely am! 
And yet, I am still very positive and upbeat because I do believe that we can have a safe and successful 2021 season for our drum corps. True, it will NOT be what we consider normal. True, it will be different in most every aspect we can currently imagine.  And true, it will still provide our members with the same amazing experience that they have always received from the Mandarins – quality instruction, great food, safe transportation, hard work, and cool performance opportunities in exciting venues.  Now, are we still quite a long way from the 2021 summer?  Yes, we are!  And there is always that potential for something that we cannot control that could derail our amazing plans. I totally get that perspective as well and yes, we do have discussions on that possibility on a regular basis as well.  I am not going to tell you otherwise.
But when I look at the positive possibilities, I cannot help but think that given the opportunity we can and will be successful – because that is who we are! The Mandarins have been around for quite a few years and dealt with many challenges.  We have always landed on our feet.  I expect nothing less this time around!
So, take care, wash your hands, and wear your masks!
Corps Director

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