2022 Visual Team Announced

The Mandarins is pleased to introduce our 2022 visual team led by returning Caption Head Joseph Hayes. The 2022 visual team returns their entire 2021 staff along with some new instructional staff who brings talent and experience to the Mandarins, and we look forward to the high level of excellence that this instructional team will bring to the 2022 membership. Creative Director Becca Anderson stated, “What this past season showed us during a pandemic year is that the visual team has a commitment to excellence no matter the circumstances. With Joseph back, again leading the team, we could not be more set up for an epic year in 2022.” Hayes stated, “The visual program at the Mandarins is excited to continue its growth into the 2022 season with the return of this close-knit team. We are extremely eager to get back together and start training/molding the next generation of Mandarins performers.” This is an exciting time for our organization as we continue to pursue excellence and creativity while continuing to present entertaining programs for our family and fans. “I am excited that the entire visual team returned for 2022 and I know that they will continue their tradition of excellence and achievement,” stated Corps Director JW Koester. 

Read the Visual Team bios here.

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