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Mandarins Make History Again

At the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis, the Mandarins completed their 2022 season with a personal-best score of 90.013. This set a new high score for DCI Finals 10th place, breaking the previous record set by the Mandarins in 2019. And, no other 10th-place finalist has ever reached 90 points. Also, the corps was within 0.662 points of 8th place and 9th place. The Guard section finished in 7th (including 6th place in guard achievement), and the Percussion section jumped from 14th in Semifinals to 9th place in Finals.

The high scores are noteworthy, but as Corps Director JW Koester has said to corps members, “Right now, you’re going to think placements; you’re going to think scores. But in a few more years, you’re going to think memories… The excitement… The pain… The friendships… That’s really what you’re going to remember.”

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