Alumni Association Members

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All former marching members, parents, instructors, and supporters are welcome to participate.

Ona Alminas Kelly Alvarez Andrew Amistoso Keith Bales Louise Barr Pamela Ringer-Britz Shane Burrows Robert Castillo Arlene Chan Lily Lum Chan Rita Chan Marianne Chatterton Alice Chen Helen Chen Liana Chen-Knapp Lorraine Chew Victoria Chiao Alan Chinn Thomas F. Chinn Lily Chong Janet Chow John Chow Kevin Chow Steve Chow

Mara DaPrato
Miles DaPrato
Dr. Roger David
Dennis Dong
Mark Dong
Michelle Dougherty
Bill & Paula Emperador
Valerie Emperador
Penny Erwin
Art Fong
Ben Fong
Creighton Fong
Dan & Irene Fong
Daniel Fong
Douglas K. Fong
Harry K. Fong
Kurtis Fong
Matt Fong
Norman Fong
Randolph A. Fong
Suzanne Fong
Joyceline Fukuchi
Sharon Fujimura
Adrian Fujitani
Mat & Hisuko Fujitani
Adrian Fujitani
John P. Garcia
Milt & Floree Gee
Diana Gin

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