Mandarins Alumni Corps

60th Diamond Anniversary

Performance Package

We are excited to participate in celebrating the Mandarins 60th Diamond Anniversary with a standstill at Family Day, a parade on July 4th in Rancho Cordova,

and a standstill at the Diamond Anniversary Gala in September.

Let’s get EVERYONE to register for this landmark event. 

The Performance Package includes:

  • Music and color guard work for the standstills,
  • Music for the July 4th parade,
  • Rehearsals in NorCal and SoCal,
  • Instruction on fundamentals and music,
  • An exclusive Mandarins Alumni Diamond Anniversary Shirt,
  • An exclusive Mandarins Alumni Diamond Anniversary Patch,
  • A 2023 Mandarins baseball cap,
  • A commemorative Mandarins July 4th shirt,
  • Lunch after the July 4th Parade,
  • An invitation 2023 Mandarins Alumni Picnic (BYOF)

All sections will participate: percussion (battery and front ensemble), guard (flags and possibly weapons), brass (all voices), a special tribute to all Mandarins drum majors past and present.

Brass and guard are responsible for securing their own equipment.

Your Alumni Corps representatives are:

  • Shekhar Khedekar (perc)
  • Josh Bryan (perc)
  •  Kimi (Wong) Chow (guard)
  • Joyce (Fong) Fukuchi (guard)
  • Kim Wong (guard)
  • Tammy Petsborisooth (guard)
  • Jesus Alberto-Muniz (drum major)
  • Milt Gee (brass)
  • Dan Fong (brass).

Program Notes

  • The Mandarins Event Center is available (for now) for sectionals Sundays from Feb-
  • If any alumni are unable to pay the fee, please contact one your alumni
    representatives. Everyone should be able to participate!
  • We are encouraging alum who volunteer at the Capital Classic to select an early shift.
  • Color guard will be deciding their own performance attire.
  • Brass and Percussion are wearing khaki pants (short or long).


Date Event Notes
March 1, Wednesday
Registration Opens for Performance Package
April 16, Sunday
Rehearsal, NorCal at Mandarins Event Center
1-5 pm
May 7, Sunday
May 21, Sunday
Rehearsal, NorCal at Mandarins Event Center
1-5 pm
May 24, Wednesday
Registration Closes for Performance Package. Shirts/patches are ordered.
June 24, Saturday
Family Day Performance
July 2, Sunday
Mandarins-For-A-Day Parade Rehearsal MEC
1-5 pm
July 4, Tuesday
Mandarins-For-A-Day July 4th Parade in Rancho Cordova, followed by lunch at Cordova HS
8:30 am – 12 noon
60th Anniversary Gala Rehearsal
September 16, September
60th Anniversary Gala Performance
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