2019 Audition Downloads


Drum Majors


Color Guard auditions will begin in December in the Sacramento and Southern California Areas. For video auditions, you may submit a link to your video on YouTube or similar site. Your video should contain or reflect the following information. Videos of you performing and/or in a performance would be very helpful.

1. Your name, personality, and background of spinning history.
2. Basic dance skills including flexibility, terminology, and demonstration.
3. A couple across the floors, and a small dance combination.
4. Flag basics: spins Peggy’s (if you know it), carves/cones, thumb flips, basic tosses.
5. Small flag combination.
6. Any weapon basics and combinations.
7. Special skills or talents.
8. Any pertinent information we need to be aware of.

If you must submit a videotape or DVD instead of an online internet link, please do so by Friday, January 18, 2019, in case you are selected to attend a callback camp.

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