Drum Corps Announcements

Percussion Staff announced for 2024!

It’s time to meet our Percussion staff for the Year of the Dragon. With our Battery staff, Front Ensemble Staff, and Percussion Consultants fully announced, check out our complete staff bios at Mandarins.org

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Mandarins Brass staff announced for 2024

We continue our staff announcements with our 2024 Brass Staff! An incredible group of educators, with MANY familiar faces and some new faces! We are excited to welcome Travis Higgins and Sarah Paradis to the team! Check out our full staff bios at mandarins.org and register for auditions today! #MX24

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2024 Consultants announced

We are excited to introduce our team of consultants for 2024, working with our staff and members to create something unforgettable! Stay tuned this month as we announce more of our staff for the 2024 season, and sign up for auditions today at mandarins.org/experience

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Collage featuring the headshots and names of our 2024 design team.

Design team returns for 2024!

Fantastic news! We have familiar faces returning to the Mandarins as our ENTIRE design team returns for 2024! We are excited to see what this inspiring team puts together for the Year of the Dragon! Check out their full bios here: https://www.mandarins.org/programs/mandarins-drum-corps/design-staff/

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2023 Production: Sinnerman

Presenting our 2023 production, Sinnerman. Featuring music inspired from: Sinnerman — Nina Simone Take me to Church — Hozier Smile — Nat King Cole Swing Symphony (4th Movement) — Wynton Marsalis Présage — Univers Zero I’m Tired — Labyrinth and Zendaya Sinnerman | Mandarins 2023 Production

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Mandarins 2023 Visual Staff

We are proud to announce our 2023 Visual staff, led Co-Caption heads, James Gow and Zak Stillwell. We are excited to see the experience and education #DragonVisual will bring to the 2023 Mandarins. #DragonVisual is starting strong for 2023 and beyond! Click on the images below for a further look, and visit our VISUAL STAFF page

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