Payment Schedule

2023 Fees will be finalized soon.

Below are the 2022 Tour fees for your reference.

Due Date Amount Due
1st Payment Due on Contract Acceptance or January 19, 2022
2nd Payment (Due February 19, 2022)
3rd Payment (Due March 19, 2022)
4th Payment (Due April 19, 2022)
5th Payment (Due May 19, 2022)

NOTE: Returning members receive a $100.00 discount for each year that they have already marched with the Mandarins: 1 year = $100.00, two years = $200.00, three years = $300.00, four years = $400.00 This discount recognizes both the contribution you have made in your Mandarins career, and the contribution we expect from you in terms of leadership and setting a good model of what a Mandarins member should be.

NOTE: There is an additional $125 discount if all fees are paid in FULL, by March 19, 2022.

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