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What is the Mandarins Music Academy ?

The Mandarins Music Academy is an elementary school band program that focuses on “giving the gift of music” to your child. It is a program that is provided by the Sacramento Mandarins.

What is the cost for my student to participate in the Music Academy ?

We have tried to keep the cost as low as possible. For the full half year, the tuition is $150.

What are benefits of my child being in the Mandarins Music Academy ?

Numerous studies have shown that students benefit greatly from music education early in their lives. They achieve higher test scores, have better attendance, have a social grouping in school, some have even said that music helps to shape the young brain (reference: Einstein). Not only does music enrich the students’ lives, it provides great social and academic benefits. Ultimately, though, our goal is that this will be the beginning of a lifetime of musical enjoyment for your child.

How do I register my child for the band program ?

Please register and pay on-line here.

What is the education curriculum for the Mandarins Music Academy ?

The curriculum is what we call the “2 of 8 Program”. This means that the elementary school program is intended to be the first two years of what can possibly be eight years of their musical education, continuing through middle school and high school. We are in contact with the middle school band director and the high school band director to ensure that what is being taught at the elementary school level will allow them to excel at subsequent levels. To do that we use a music methods book called “Accent on Achievement”. This is also the book that is used to teach music educators at Sacramento State University’s School of Music. So as you can see the Music Academy is by design, well integrated with the entire community of music throughout the region.

How many students are allowed in the band ?

In order to provide a great learning atmosphere, the band must have at least 15 students. The maximum number of students will be 25.

Who will teach the Mandarins Music Academy ?

The Mandarins Music Academy is taught by a qualified Music Educator. All Mandarins Music Directors either have a degree in music education or are working toward one. They have cross training in wind and percussion instruments. The Music Directors are directly supervised by our Mandarins Music Advisor, Jim Mazzaferro, who has 37 years of classroom experience as a Music Director.

How does my child get an instrument ?

The best way to get an instrument is to borrow one from a friend or family member or to rent one from a music store. We recommend Tim’s Music or Klein Music in Sacramento.

Who are the Sacramento Mandarins ?

The Sacramento Mandarins is a local non-profit organization devoted to transforming lives through performing arts. The Mandarins were founded in 1963 and has positively affected the lives of thousands of youth. Today, graduates of the Mandarins are teaching in over 50 schools throughout the region.

Will my child need an instrument at the first class session ?

No, an instrument is not required during the first week of class. Performing on instruments will begin in the second week.

When does the Music Academy start ?

The Music Academy is held after school two days per week, either Monday/ Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. In no way does the Music Academy interfere with the normal school day.

If my child is off-track, should they still attend the Music Academy ?

Yes, as long as your family is still in town it is highly recommended that your child continue to attend the Music Academy sessions. Great musical learning comes through repetitive practice. Especially at this young age, taking a break from their instrument could cause your child to fall back in their progress.

Where will the sessions be held ?

The class sessions will be held on site at the Elementary School in the Multi-Purpose room, cafeteria, library or other classroom space.

What if my child is unable to attend a rehearsal sessioin? Do I have to notify the attendance office ?

No, since this is an after school program, attendance is not monitored by the school. Our Music Director will be taking attendance at every rehearsal session to keep track of your child’s attendance and progress.

Which grade levels are allowed to participate ?

Grades 4th, 5th, and 6th are allowed to participate.

Will there be a recital or concert ?

Yes, there will be a concert that will be held at the end of the year during one of the evenings. We will make an announcement at a later date. All parents, siblings and family and friends are welcome to attend.

My child has never played a musical instrument before. Are they still allowed to participate ?

YES! The Music Academy is for beginning student musicians. We encourage all students to join!

Are parents allowed to watch the rehearsals ?

Absolutely. Parents are always welcome to stop by and observe our rehearsal sessions.

What instruments are allowed in the Music Academy ?

The band program will include trumpets, trombones, flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones and percussion kits.

Whom should we contact if we have additional questions ?

For any additional questions, please contact: Jim Tabuchi President and CEO Sacramento Mandarins (916) 719-7368

My child doesn't know what instrument to play. What should we do ?

Don’t worry about that. Come to the first session and our Music Director will help your child pick out an instrument.

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