2019 Mandarins Recruiting

Greetings All,

Registration for the 2019 season is live and we are actively recruiting new members from across the country to audition for the 2019 Mandarins! This year we have added two brass only one day audition camps in Texas (Dallas, Nov. 24th & Houston Nov. 25th) in addition to our regular NorCal audition/experience camp Nov 30 – Dec 2 (Sacramento area) and SoCal audition/experience camp Dec 15 – 16 (Pasadena area).

And how are we doing? Well, our Facebook Interest page already has over 1,100 members which is well above the 800 plus that we had at the end of last year’s recruiting season. So yes, I think we’re doing okay. Of course, people have to register, then travel to one of our locations, and then demonstrate the talent and desire to be a part of the 2019 Mandarins because, let’s face it, the design and technical teams are NOT going to sit back and rest on their laurels. Nope – ain’t goin’ to happen while I’m around. And they are already deep into the initial development of the new show concepts.

Late in October the design and caption managers will meet for a two day conference to finalize the show concept and start the detailed design – selection of music, pacing, colors, costume & uniform design ideas, etc. You get the idea. So yes, they are just as hungry and excited to get 2019 fully under way and, as they say – full steam ahead!

On the back side of the drum corps we are already working with DCI (Drum Corps International) on next year’s tour and what shows we will attend. Bus contracts, semi-trucks & trailers leases, maintenance on the existing fleet, 2019 budget review and approval, and a whole host of other tasks are already in progress because move-in’s (May 24th) is only eight months away!!!
Busy?  You bet.
Exciting?  Indeed.
And FUN?  Absolutely!!
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