Carry the legacy.

Club 63 is comprised of devoted alumni and fans, passionate in contributing to the future of the Mandarins.

Since our humble beginnings in 1963, Mandarins has committed to transforming lives through performing arts for youth and young adults from our home in Sacramento, to all across the globe.  Club 63 is more than a fundraiser. Club 63 is a community of dedicated Mandarins fans and supporters, those who want the first sneak peek, proud to represent this organization, and ready to help support our mission to transform youth lives.

Club 63 benefits include monthly early notice on drum corps events, posts, press releases and updates.  Club 63 members will receive an annual patch with the years membership embroidered. Check out the full list of benefits at the bottom of the page!


Club 63 Member Badge

Club 63 Member Patch

Club 63 Member Pin

Our MISSION is simple, yet powerful… Transforming Lives Through Performing Arts.

Start by choosing your donation level

Club 63 Member

$19.63 Monthly
$200.00 Annually

Club 63 Supporter

$50.00 Monthly
$500.00 Annually

Club 63 Fandarin

$100.00 Monthly
$1000.00 Annually

Club 63 Founder

$196.30 Monthly
$2000.00 Annually

Club 63 Golden Dragon

$ 500.00 Monthly
$5000.00 Annually

Choose your donation frequency

Membership donations can be made with a credit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Memberships continue until cancelled.  Donations are managed in the Donor Dashboard.


Benefit details

Dragon Sneak Peek – An email on how to access our Private Facebook Group and email list will be provided during your first month of membership!

Club 63 Swag –  All members as of June 1st will be mailed the Club 63 Swag package just in time for the DCI Capital Classic! 

Mandarins Yearbook – An email on how to access our Private Yearbook history archive will be provided during the first month of membership.

Virtual Acknowledgement – This will be updated on THIS PAGE during your first month of membership. If there are any errors, please email

Mandarins Marketplace Discount – You will receive an email with your one time discount code for the Mandarins Marketplace!

Capital Classic Tickets – As show details are finalized, our Capital Classic team will reach out with more info via email!

2023 Show Shirts – Our souvenir team will reach out during your third month of membership (monthly members) or after an annual membership sign up with more info once our show shirt is available!

Corps Banquet ticket – Our drum corps team will reach out during your third month of membership (monthly members) or after an annual membership sign up with more info as banquet details are finalized!

Fandarins Jacket – Our souvenir team will reach out during your third month of membership (monthly members) or after an annual membership sign up with more info!

Member Scholarship – As corps scholarships are finalized in May, our Scholarship team will reach out to finalize details!

we are CLUB 63

For the past 60 years, the Mandarins have had a strong foundation of alumni, fans, and volunteers pushing them to the finish line. From a small community corps in Sacramento to Drum Corps International World Class Finalists, that has never changed. Club 63 aims to recognize our loyal supporters and give back through planned benefits.

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