Protect the Future

Club 63 is a community of passionate donors, actively engaged in protecting the future of Mandarins.

Since our founding in 1963, Mandarins has created life-changing performing arts experiences for young people throughout the world.  Club 63 is more than a fundraiser.

Club 63 benefits include monthly early notice on drum corps events, posts, press releases and updates.  Club 63 members will receive an annual patch with the years membership embroidered.

A Lifetime of Support

Club63 membership a seamless experience

Start by choosing your donation level

Club 63 Member

$19.63 Monthly
$200.00 Annually

Club 63 Supporter

$50.00 Monthly
$500.00 Annually

Club 63 Fandarin

$100.00 Monthly
$1000.00 Annually

Club 63 Founder

$196.30 Monthly
$2000.00 Annually

Club 63 Golden Dragon

$ 500.00 Monthly
$5000.00 Annually

Choose your donation frequency

Membership donations can be made with a credit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Memberships continue until cancelled.  Donations are managed in the Donor Dashboard.

Welcome, to Club 63!

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