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At the Mandarins, our core belief is that music education contributes greatly to the mental and social development of children. The mission of the Mandarins Music Academy is to “Give the Gift of Music” and we have continued to expand the breadth of our offering and the number or children served. We believe that during this time of COVID, students have had almost all of their extra curricular activities taken away from them. Music education and performance provide an emotional outlet of expression for the children that is needed more than ever. Because of this we are excited to share our adapted Mandarins Music Academy learning model that fulfills this need.

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Distance Learning Curriculum

In the past we would offer in-person, after school band classes, consisting of multiple instruments at the students’ school. In most cases all students of varying levels beginner through advanced would be placed in the same band class.

Specific Instrument and Specific Experience Level

Pivoting to distance learning, we offer single instrument, on-line classes for each instrument type (i.e. trumpet, clarinet, flute, etc.). And the classes will be focused toward specific experience levels (i.e. beginner, and intermediate). In this mode the Music Director will be able to focus the class specifically on the instrument and experience level (i.e. beginning trumpets, intermediate clarinets, etc.). This is like group private lessons or masters classes. The classes will span over multiple schools so that we can gather enough students to hold the class. In this way the students will be meeting students from other schools who they might meet again in middle school or in honor bands.

Synchronous and Asynchronous

The curriculum applies a combination of synchronous (online zoom) and asynchronous (offline) modes. The online class will be meeting with the teacher and no more than 20 students for a 40-minute class period. The asynchronous mode will consist of written and playing assignments that the student will turn in. The Music Director will provide feedback to the students on both written and playing assignments. And the students will be able to turn in their Karate Belt recordings as well.

Sound Innovations Curriculum

The Mandarins Music Academy will once again employ the Sound Innovations curriculum.

This program is especially well suited for asynchronous self-study because of it’s online accompaniment capability. Every exercise can be played on a computer or cell phone and the student can play along with the metronome (beat) and in some cases accompaniment. There are also numerous videos available ranging from how to assemble, care for and play an instrument.


MMA Karate Belt Band Method

We will once again apply our proprietary Karate Belt Band Method. This system creates an environment that challenges the students to progress and be recognized for their achievements. The student is challenged to practice and perform increasingly difficult musical pieces. When they become proficient at the particular piece they are recognized with a new colored Karate Belt (Bead).


Full year registration $300 ($20 savings if registering for the full year)
1st or 2nd half year $160
Instrument rental full year $125 ($15 savings if renting for the full year)
1st or 2nd half year $70

Mandarins Music Academy

2020 – 2021 Academic Calendar

First Semester

Start of First Semester – October 5, 2020

Thanksgiving Break – November 23-28, 2020

Winter Break – December 21- January 3, 2021

End of First Semester – January 29, 2021

Second Semester

Start of Second Semester – February 1, 2021

Spring Break – March 15-19, 2021 (may vary by district)

End of Second Semester – May 21, 2021

Honor Band Dates

To be determined

There will be no classes held on minimum days and staff development days.

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