President and CEO's Message

Greetings and Happy 2022!
As we embark on another new year, I’d like to share with you some exciting developments within our Mandarins organization.
First of all, our flagship program, the Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps, was able to assemble, sweat, travel, cry, and holler with joy into a drum corps season. With the pandemic shutting down all drum corps performances in 2020, Corps Director JW Koester and his team of administrators, designers, instructors, Health and Wellness team members, and volunteers worked tirelessly to field 154 fantastic young people into the stirring production – Beyond the Canvas. It was literally a season NOT like any other with COVID restrictions, schools not being available to drum corps, shows without a DCI sponsored tour, and an overall heightened sense of anxiety of the unknown. But the corps persevered and became a favorite of fans and critics across the world. Kudos to the Mandarins and I can’t wait to see what the corps can do this full season in 2022!
Next, we are excited to announce a big development with our Mandarins Music Academy. Starting six years ago with one elementary school with 11 students, then President/CEO Jim Tabuchi’s dream of bringing the gift to music to any student who wanted to learn has blossomed into bringing band back to the largest school district in Northern California. Starting on February 15th, the MMA will be teaching in the 42 elementary schools of the Elk Grove Unified School District! Director Jim Tabuchi and co-director Ryan Lee are putting the final touches on getting 1000 instruments ordered, delivered, and distributed to the students. Over 30 music directors have been recruited and are being trained by top educators in the nation. Just imagine the impact this will have on the students, the schools, the families, and the community. The effects are far-reaching! Watch for a wave of goodness crashing down on the Sacramento area and beyond.
Many of you remember the Moonlight Classic drum corps show held since the 1980s at the University of the Pacific in Stockton. Recently, the show had to be moved to Sacramento City College due to the demolition of the stadium at UOP. We thank the Sponsors of Musical Enrichment for their decades of service in running that show. On Friday, July 8, 2022, the Mandarins DCI Capital Classicdrum corps show will be returning in full force with a full slate of World Class and Open Class drum corps! Plans are to host the event at Hornet Stadium on the Sac State campus. Come on out and get your drum corps fix satisfied and buy a few souvenirs!
The Mandarins Alumni Association is over 1000 members strong! But we are still growing in number and in our passion to help the Mandarins organization. Join the Mandarins Alumni Association Facebook Group, see the Mandarins on LinkedIn, and message me to get more involved. Did you know that the Mandarins Alumni Drum Corps is performing at the Capital Classic? Can’t wait to reconnect with you!
With all these developments happening, I must acknowledge all the fine people who make things happen. I’ve been really blessed to be surrounded by a hard-working, passionate, smart, and relentless team of Mandarins. So many are working on the frontlines and in the background to make our organization fulfill its sole purpose – to Transform Lives Through Performing Arts.
Thank you, Mandarins, Mandarins Alumni, and Fandarins! Let’s rock in 2022!
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Daniel Fong

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