President and CEO's Message

August 2023

Wow! What a season for the Mandarins! As an alum, I’m feeling so proud to be a part of this organization. We have SO MANY wonderful people who I am honored to call Mandarins:

To our members: Your work ethic and passion for performance is unmatched and inspiring. You care for each other and those who mentor you. Thank you for bringing the Mandarins to thousands across the country to enjoy your pageantry.

To our designers: You are truly amazing with your creativity and talent to touch the human spirit. The Mandarins’ 2023 production, Sinnerman, will ALWAYS be a fan favorite forever. 

To our instructors: Your dedication to the members and organization is tireless and inspiring. I admire your willingness to give so much of your time and talent to the members.

To our volunteers and staff who feed us, transport us, heal us, dress the Dragon, sell our souvies, encourage and care so much for us, THANK YOU! Your efforts are truly appreciated.

To our Bingo staff, volunteers, and players: I’m grateful for the dedication and support you’ve given the Mandarins over the years. I’m so humbled by your giving heart for the performers.

To our volunteers and friends who gave time and effort for the Dragon Golf Tournament, the DCI Capital Classic, and the upcoming Diamond Anniversary Gala: THANK YOU for making these special events fun and successful.

To our Fandarins around the world: You are AMAZING with your constant presence and encouragement. You are our source of energy!

And to our DCI World Class Director of the Year, JW Koester: THANK YOU for being an amazing leader who is the best at caring for EVERYONE involved with the Mandarins. 

Daniel Fong
President & CEO
Mandarins of Sacramento, Inc.

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