Mandarins Alumni Association

The Mandarins Alumni Association (MAA) is comprised solely of former marching members, parents, and instructors of the Ye Wah and the Mandarins drum and bugle corps. 

The MAA helps the Mandarins with fundraising, logistics, resources, skills, and more.  The Mandarins rely on its alumni base to support its mission of providing to young men and women a unique performing arts activity and experiences of a lifetime.

The MAA is located on Facebook.  One of the group administrators can add you upon request, if you’re a Mandarins and/or Ye Wah alumni described above and respond to the Facebook questions.

Mandarins Alumni Association Co-Chairs

In January 2022, Mandarins President/CEO Dan Fong began a series of Mandarins Alumni Association (MAA) meetings. The goal of the MAA is to serve Mandarins alumni more effectively and to provide opportunities for alumni to support the Mandarins organization.

We are happy to introduce the initial co-chairs of the MAA:


  • Joseph Khalifa – Mandarins drum corps euphonium 2016, trumpet 2017-2018, and Photographer and Social Media Manager since 2019; favorite tour memory is Brandt Crocker announcing in 2018 “For the first time in Finals competition in their 55-year history, from Sacramento, California, the Mandarins”
  • Marianne (Chatterton) Liang – Mandarins drum corps pit member 2001-2003; IT Product Manager at Stanford University; favorite tour memory is waking up to California Love blasting in the gym
  • Melissa (Soule) Stockbridge – Mandarins drum corps baritone 2004-2005; married to Dan Stockbridge, Mandarins drum corps trumpet 1999-2003; favorite memory was my very first show: I came to Mandarins having never played a note in my life, and I was dedicated to learning and was so proud when I finished my very first show
  • Milt Gee – Mandarins drum corps low brass tech 1990-1993 and 2004-2017, and brass analytics since 2018; Mandarins Brass Alumni member since 2018; Mandarins of Sacramento, Inc. board member since 2020; retired from AT&T as Chief of Staff for an Assistant VP; cycles, runs, loves a well-made espresso drink, and misses Floree
The MAA co-chairs will:
  • Schedule and lead MAA Steering Committee meetings
  • Collect and prioritize discussion topics for meetings
  • Ensure action items are recorded and prioritized
  • Oversee the MAA sub-committees
  • Attend board meetings of the Mandarins of Sacramento, Inc. (when applicable and as a non-voting member)
  • Schedule and hold additional meetings as needed
Our goals as MAA co-chairs are to:
  • Give each co-chair an equal voice in discussions and decisions
  • Allow co-chairs to take on a dual role if desired – e.g., leading a sub-committee
  • Make decisions by consensus when possible; vote on decisions when necessary
  • Determine an end date for the initial co-chair appointments
  • Create a process for future co-chair elections
Here are three quick and easy things alumni can do:

Mandarins Alumni Association Historian

Scott Jow

The Mandarins Alumni Association would like to recognize Scott Jow. Scott Jow currently serves as the corps historian and sits on the Mandarins Board of Directors.

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