The Bingo Hall in Sacramento

Drive-In/Inside Events

Monday Combo!!!

  • 6 Strips pay ***$900***
    Progressive Jackpot
  • Regular games pay $500 on N (otherwise $300)

  • Casino Blackout pays $400
  • Starburst pays $400
  • $500 Double Action!
  • $1199’s and other event games will also be played. 
  • $45 Buy-in 
  • Box Office / Parking Lot opens at 5pm
  • First bingo game begins  at 7pm

Wednesday Strip Night

  • All Strips Pay $800
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • $1199s and other event games will also be played
  • $35 Buy-In
  • Box Office / Parking Lot opens at 5pm
  • First bingo game begins at 7pm

“GRAND" Bingo Friday

  • All Strips Pay *** $1,000 ***
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Regular games pay $500 bingo on N (otherwise $300)
  • Double Action pays $500
  • $1199s and other events games will also be played
  • $45 Buy-In
  • Box Office / Parking Lot opens at 5pm
  • First bingo game begins at 7pm

Saturday Matinee Spring Fling Strips - April 15 2023

  • All Strips Pay $1,000
  • Double Action Pays $500
  • $1199s and other event games will also be played
  • $55 Buy-In
  • Doors/ Parking Lot opens at 10:15 am
  • Box Office opens at 10:30 am
  • First strip game begins at 12:30
  • Lunch Included (60th Anniversary Celebration only)
Mandarins Bingo Logo

Come to Drive-In Bingo at the Mandarins Bingo Center, 9792 Business Park Drive in Sacramento. Follow our Facebook page for updated info and new rules to keep our players and staff safe. Thank you for supporting the Mandarins.

Dear Mandarins Bingo Player!

Are you ready for Mandarins Drive-in Bingo?!

*** Note: New Times ***
Drive to the FRONT of the Mandarins building starting at 5:00 PM to pick up your bingo supplies.
We will start calling the first bingo games at 7:00 PM.

Our Dragon Bites Cafe will be open for Drive-In Bingo.

Here is a quick list of things to bring with you to Drive-In Bingo.

  • Flashlight or camping lantern (yes, it will be dark and so you can use your flashlight to see your bingo paper)
  • Face Coverings (masks must be worn when you are outside of your car)
  • Scotch tape or paper clips are handy to keep your paper from moving around
  • Lucky charms (always good to help you win!)

Questions? please contact our
Bingo Manager, Cindi Froom at 916-366-0338.

Mandarins DRIVE-IN BINGO House Rules

  1. Mandarin’s bingo will operate DRIVE-IN BINGO in accordance with the Sacramento County Health Department guidelines.
  2. ALL bingo players must be at least 18 years of age or older. Please show ID if requested.
  3. CUSTOMERS must STAY IN CARS except to use the restroom inside the Mandarins Bingo Hall.
  4. Tables, chairs and tailgating are prohibited. You may eat and drink in your car only.
  5. CUSTOMERS must wear a MASK when leaving the car to go to the restroom AND during interactions with staff members. (ONLY WHEN MANDATED)
  6. CUSTOMERS will maintain at least 6 foot spacing while waiting for and using the restrooms.
  7. EVERY PLAYER must have their own game package and receipt – do not share packs.
  8. TURN ENGINE OFF after parking. Use your accessory settings for radio and dome light usage.
  9. TUNE YOUR FM RADIO for bingo announcements and game calls (If you cannot receive the FM signal, open your windows to hear loudspeakers).
  10. INK daubers must be used to mark bingo cards, but do not cover verification numbers.
  11. BINGO CALLS: The Caller will CALL the bingo number twice before moving to the next ball.
  12. BINGO on the CALL number by HONKING YOUR HORN LOUDLY UNTIL RECOGNIZED BY CALLER.  After calling BINGO, turn on your headlights to help our spotters find your car. Once verified turn on hazard lights until paid.
  13. VERIFIERS will come to the car to look at the winning cards. They will radio the caller your card verification numbers. The CALLER must VERIFY the bingo and will announce the results.
  14. CALLER will CLOSE each game after bingos are verified. Once closed, no more bingos allowed.
  15. PRIZE MANAGER will deliver prize money after bingo is verified. When playing in the car CUSTOMER must count prize money in front of Prize Manager to verify amount.
  16. SPLIT WINNERS will be paid by dividing prize money by the number of winners.
  17. TURN OFF HAZARD LIGHTS/FLASHERS after receiving your prize.
  18. Please pack your TRASH in the plastic bag provided and TAKE IT WITH YOU when you leave.
  19. Mandarins cannot prevent failure or malfunctions of equipment. Resolution per management discretion.
  20. CUSTOMERS participate in these activities at their own risk and agree to hold harmless Mandarins, its employees, agents, officers and Board of Directors from any and all liability.
  21. Mandarins management is empowered to resolve all issues and problems at their discretion.
  22. Mandarins reserves the right to refuse service to any party for any reasonable cause.

For more information call


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