July Update From JW

Wow! Our amazing season just continues to get better and better. We just completed performing in our DCI (Drum Corps International) regionals of the season (San Antonio & Atlanta).  We placed 10th at both events.  This is pretty significant because, as a reference point, no drum corps in the past 16 years that was a first time finalist has stayed in the top 12 the following year.  Clearly, we are bucking that statistic.  And, I absolutely expect us to continue to do so.

And yes, you might ask, why aren’t we doing better in the standings?  Well, the fast and simple answer is that while we are definitely better this year, so are our co-competitors, which isn’t a bad thing for the activity.  Can things change?  Yes, they can and we are working every day to make that happen. 

On the road – the corps continues to travel well as we pushed through the southern states and now we are going to be heading up through the eastern states for the next week.  The teams (volunteers, drivers, instructional staff, admin) are all working very well together and, I think, so is the corps.  The corps members are in good shape mentally and physically going into the last two weeks of the season.  Yes, you heard that right – the last two weeks of the season are just around the corner!  It is crazy in that way – you wait for months (going back to the November auditions) for the summer to arrive and then, POW! – only two weeks left!

Thanks to the many people who have popped in for a day to help out, who have cheered for us in the stands across the country, and for all the online fans who have sent positive thoughts before each and every show.  Every little bit helps.  Honestly.  So please keep doing it.

In other news, we just held a huge warehouse equipment sale and, in case your high school band or winter program didn’t know about it and might be looking for that right costume, flag or brass instrument – you still have a chance.  We just might be able to help you out. 

Please contact:
Jim Tabuchi  jimtabuchi@yahoo.com
Kevin Bowlson  kevinbowlson@gmail.com
or me, JW, jwkoester@sbcglobal.net  and “Let’s Make a Deal!!”

So, until the next time – keep thinking about us.


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