Ready to Launch New Season

It must be Fall. It is getting downright chilly in the evenings and the sun goes down so much earlier than in the summer.  And yet, inside it is getting warmer and warmer with all the activity as the drum corps gears up for the “official” start of the 2020 season.
In just a few weeks the Mandarins will host their first audition camps with a Brass-only one-day camp in the Dallas area (Aledo High School) on Saturday, Nov. 23rd followed by another one day camp on Sunday, Nov. 24th for Brass and Percussion in San Antonio (The University of Texas @ San Antonio).  Then comes the full corps camp in NorCal/Sacramento (TR Smedberg Middle School) on Nov. 29th thru Dec. 1st.  After that weekend we move to Indianapolis for another Brass-only one-day camp on Saturday, Dec. 7th (Lawrence North High School).  We then travel to SoCal for another full corps camp on Dec. 13th thru 15th (location TBD).  Phew, are you worn out yet?

And that’s just the beginning of the season. Starting in January the corps will hold monthly camps in the Sacramento area for Brass, Percussion, and Color Guard while gearing up for the 2020 competitive season.

The design team met for two days of intense discussions and planning for the 2020 show and yes, it is going to be another exciting program! I can’t give you any details yet so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Have I steered you wrong yet???  No, I thought not (LOL)!  In late November, Drum Corps International (DCI) will release the 2020 tour schedule so you will know where we and the rest of the drum corps world will be traveling to and, where you can come to see us – and you’d better!!! 

As always, we would love to see you at one (or more) of our camps as they are open to the public and we want you to see what we have going on.  And, if you are feeling really adventurous, you could volunteer to help out – maybe doing some cooking in Mushu (our fully outfitted kitchen trailer) or, measuring members for their new uniforms, or helping with member shuttles to/from the airport.  There is always something to do at these monthly camps.  If you want to think a little bigger picture you should start thinking about the summer and how you could support the corps at spring training or on the road.  Why?  Because we always have something that needs to be done.  So, as I like to say… Jump in!   The water’s just fine!

Corps Director

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