Dr. Dan Fong – Interim President and CEO

The Sacramento Mandarins is pleased to introduce Dr. Daniel Fong as the incoming interim President and CEO beginning on April 1, 2021.

Outgoing President and CEO Jim Tabuchi will continue his involvement with the Mandarins as the Executive Advisor. We wholeheartedly thank Jim for his decades of service to the Mandarins. Jim has brought a wealth of corporate experience to the Mandarins as a former Senior Manager of Hewlett Packard. Thank you, Jim, for laying the foundation for many years of transforming lives through the performing arts.

Dr. Dan is no stranger to the Mandarins. He joined the brass section in 1973 at the age of 12 and aged out after playing the soprano, mellophone, and French horn. After aging out, he assumed the role of Brass Caption Head for three tenures from 1982 until 2016 and was the Brass Arranger from 1983 until 2011. Under his leadership the Mandarins achieved a record eight Drum Corps International Division II and III Championships. He implemented the Mandarins Brass Academy in 2008 and arranged the music and instructed until 2018.

Dr. Dan served as a Director on the Mandarins Board of Directors, as Director of Recruiting, as Director of Scholarships, and as co-Director of the Health and Wellness Team. When asked to serve as the interim President and CEO, he responded, “Wow, that would be an honor and privilege to serve the Mandarins organization in that capacity. Thanks to Jim Tabuchi for leading the Mandarins the past 16 years and for his commitment to our youth and music education. I hope to continue the great work that Jim started. Let’s Go!”

Jim Tabuchi has stated, “Dan is the perfect person to hand the baton to. He has been a pillar of our Mandarins organization for over four decades. He lives the values of what it means to be a Mandarin. And Dan and I have been best friends ever since we marched soprano and mellophone together as members of the Mandarins. He has my commitment that I will be there to support him and the Mandarins to succeed going forward.”

Dr. Dan is asking all Mandarins Alumni and Fandarins to keep a close eye on the Mandarins this year. After a difficult 2020 with the Pandemic canceling the DCI tour and shutting down indoor Bingo, we are excited about all the new endeavors for the Mandarins in 2021! The drum corps is planning to safely return to the field in 2021. Drive-in Bingo is now operating three sessions a week, and the summer education programs are being planned. Mandarins Music Academy is expanding to the home school market, and Mandarins Entertainment is preparing to return in full force! And watch for a brand new LIVE! Event in July at the Mandarins Music Center. “It’s a good time to be a Mandarins Alumni or Fandarin! So many great things are on the horizon!”, exclaimed Dan.

A copy of this Press Release is available here.

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