Give Up Three Cups of Coffee in May to Support Mandarins Scholarships

The average price of an extra-large cup of coffee at many of the designer coffee kiosks is $5.00.  You can help support our scholarship program this year by making a donation the price of three cups of coffee or more to the Mandarins on this year’s BIG DAY OF GIVING on MAY 6. Donations are also being accepted in advance right now.

Donations will support:   

  • MANDARINS DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS: Mandarins continues to gather information and closely monitor the evolving public health and safety conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Guided by our Health and Wellness team, CDC guidelines, medical professionals, and experienced leaders inside and outside of the marching arts,  Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps is planning to perform a limited tour schedule, culminating in a three-day event in Indianapolis.  We have a number of deserving potential Corps members who have indicated they need financial assistance to attain their dream to march.  Donations to the Big Day of Giving will help fund scholarships for these eager young artists.
  • MANDARINS SUMMER CAMPS: Mandarins also has planned a series of four separate week-long music camps in June. For only $100, you can help sponsor a student’s registration for camp!
    With a $525 donation, Mandarins will be able to sponsor 7 students from a school for camp.
  • MANDARINS ACADEMY PATHWAY: Mandarins started the Mandarins Academy Pathway program at the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility in past year.  Our intent is to provide music education for at-risk youth who have had negative influences and have made bad choices in their lives. Our hope is that they will benefit mentally, artistically, and socially through music and that this will provide a more positive pathway for their future.  This program is funded entirely by grants and donations.  Monies raised by this year’s Big Day of Giving will also support this program.
  • MANDARINS MUSIC ACADEMY: Mandarins Music Academy has many students on the wait list to join our after-school band program and whose parents are not able to pay to lease an instrument for them or pay the modest tuition.  Mandarins wants to work with the principals of each school to identify these deserving students and provide scholarships in our underserved communities.

We are confident that with the continued support of our alumni, Fandarins, and donors,  Mandarins will continue to offer quality music education programs.  The Mandarins organization has a history of innovating through challenges.  But we need your help. There are many ways that you can help. We will be honored to receive your donations during the Big Day of Giving, May 6 or on any day. Tap/Click Here to donate online. We also have great Mandarins merchandise that you can purchase and proudly display your support for the Mandarins.

The Board of Directors, Directors, and Staff of the Sacramento Mandarins wants to thank all of the Fandarins, Volunteers, and Donors who worked with our organization during 2020.  Without your support, Mandarins would have been unable to continue to serve our communities.  But as the United States has begun to emerge from the COVID-19 restrictions, the impact of the lockdowns continues to impact the Mandarins and the youth that we serve. 

We are eager to restart our programs that provide transformational experiences for over 1,000 kids each year. Whether it is our drum corps or our Mandarins Music Academy programs, there is only one reason why we do what we do.  And because nearly all of our administration is made up of volunteers, nearly every penny of your support will be All For The Kids!

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