Big Day of Giving – Donate Early!

Support Mandarins Scholarships, April 21 - May 5

2022 marks the 10th annual Big Day of Giving. This 24-hour giving challenge brings together the Sacramento region’s nonprofit community to celebrate the work they do to make this region the place we call home. Since inception, this event has raised over $65 million to help nonprofits like the Mandarins support their programs and advance their missions.

For the past ten years, your generosity has helped the Mandarins provide life-changing performing arts experiences for youth and young adults. Last year you donated $26,000 to establish scholarships for talented young performers and musicians who lacked the financial means to participate in Mandarins music programs. We have many deserving individuals struggling to raise program fees and you can help support them by donating to our scholarship program during the Big Day of Giving. Contributions are tax-deductible and are being accepted now through midnight on May 5, 2022. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Donations will support: 


We have a number of deserving potential Corps members who have indicated they need financial assistance to attain their dream to march this summer.  Donations to the Big Day of Giving will help fund scholarships for these eager young artists.

Mandarins challenges past alumni to take part in a friendly competition to see which Mandarins decade can raise the most donations. Simply list the years marched in the “notes” section in the donation link provided below. We will post a running tally on social media on May 5. 

Mandarins also has planned a series of one-day music camps in June for youth ages 14 to 17.   For a $100 donation, Mandarins will sponsor five young adults to the camps. 
Mandarins started the Mandarins Academy Pathway program at the Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility to provide music education for at-risk youth who have had negative influences and have made poor choices in their lives. This program benefits troubled youth mentally, artistically, and socially through music, which will provide a more positive pathway for their future.  This program is funded entirely by grants and donations. 

Mandarins programs provide transformational experiences for over 1500 children and young adults each year.  All funds donated during this event will be used for scholarships. 

We are confident that with the continued support of our alumni, Fandarins, and donors, that Mandarins will continue to offer quality music education programs to deserving young people, regardless of their socio-economic status.  Although the Mandarins organization has a history of meeting economic challenges, we still need your help.  We will be honored to receive your donations during the Big Day of Giving campaign, beginning April 21 and end at midnight on Thursday, May 5. Thank you so much. Click to Donate!

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