Mandarins Announce 2023 Brass Arranger

The Mandarins are pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Vince Oliver as their new Brass Arranger for the drum & bugle corps. Vince brings a wealth of show design experience, programming coordination and musical expertise to the Mandarins from all areas of the musical & pageantry activities including scholastic marching band music programs, scholastic and independent winter percussion & winds programs, symphonic and orchestral programs, and world class drum corps.

Mr. Oliver stated, “Having grown up an hour south of Sacramento, I’ve been a long-time fan of the Mandarins. The organization and performers have consistently exuded a strong personality of class, sophistication and work ethic. To be welcomed into this family is an absolute honor, and I greatly look forward to being part of this long legacy of honest performance, passion, and excellence.”

Mandarins drum corps Creative Director Becca Anderson stated, “We are ecstatic at the direction that the Mandarins will be headed with Vince at the helm of our brass composition. This will completely change the sound of the 2023 corps with his unique and powerful style.”

Corps Director JW Koester stated, “I am excited with the knowledge and experience that Vince brings to the Mandarins design team and I look forward to the amazing opportunities that he and the design team will create for our 2023 program.”

The Mandarins 2023 in-person audition camps will be held in November and December. Please join our Facebook interest pages for more audition details. Mandarins 2023, It’s Live, It’s Real, It’s Now!

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