2018 Mandarins Academy

2018 Mandarins Academy

The 2018 Mandarins Academy, its 11th year, looks to continue to grow in size and in its benefit to students and their school music programs. Continued high expectations have been placed on the Mandarins Academy Directors and educators to provide a unique and diverse educational experience to meet the needs of all skill levels. This team consists of technicians, clinicians, and credentialed teachers experienced with elementary, middle, and high schools, colleges, performing arts organizations, Mandarins Academy, and the Sacramento Mandarins and other drum corps.

Part of the Mandarins Academy’s unique experience is due to the Directors and educators having performed or taught with the Sacramento Mandarins drum corps, so they are able to expose Mandarins Academy students to the teaching method and material used by the drum corps. A portion of the Mandarins Academy sessions is focused on auditioning in general, beneficial to those auditioning for the corps or for any performing arts organization.

With each year, something new is added. In 2016, we added a Woodwind Academy and we added leadership development for those students who have a leadership role in their school music program. In 2017, we expanded leadership development to all students. Stay tuned for what’s new in 2018. Mandarins Academy has also grown, from 63 students in 2015 to 131 students in 2016 to 166 students in 2017. And for the last 3 years, Mandarins Academy students have performed for family and friends at our end of season Show and Tell.

All of this supports the mission of the Mandarins Academy: to further the students’ skills in technique, musicianship, performance, and leadership development, all in support of their school music program. Mandarins Academy Directors and educators are committed to achieving that mission.

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