Sam Elmore Outstanding Corps Member of 2018

Samuel Elmore Voted Outstanding Corps Member of 2018

Mandarins Corps Members voted Samuel Elmore as their Outstanding Member of 2018. The award is given annually in memory of Mandarins soprano player Joe Fong, our 1976 recipient who lost his life in an automobile accident.

Samuel received his first brass contract in 2012 but felt he really wasn’t ready to march yet — but knew that he wanted to, someday. He did march in 2014-2016 and 2018, taking a summer off for college studies. Samuel was the trumpet section lead in 2016 and in 2018 had the privilege to serve as the horn sergeant and lead the first Top 12 Mandarins homrline into DCI Finals.

One of Samuel’s favorite memories comes from his rookie year, when he told his horn sergeant that he was going to be horn sergeant for his ageout year, and also make Finals. His predictions came true this year! Samuel thanks his mentors Tim Snyder for revolutionizing the hornline, and Joseph Hayes for being a fantastic educator through his entire drum corps career.

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