Mandarins 2019 Production “subTerra”

The Mandarins are proud to release the 2019 production subTerra. In stadiums all across the country the Mandarins will take its audience on a journey of an underground hidden society that claims territory but can never be discovered. Mandarins Program Director Ike Jackson stated. “this year’s program, subTerra, will bring you a visual and visceral experience of the things known and unknown. I am excited to bring new theatrics and acrobatics to the outdoor pageantry world.”


Ritual & Discovery – Key Poulan & Ike Jackson

On the Shoulder of Giants – Peter Graham 

Truman Sleeps / Capture – Philip Glass / Key Poulan

Run Boy Run – Ambroise Willaume & Yoann Lemoine

Sacrifice – Key Poulan & Ike Jackson

The production begins with the tribal leader on top of a wagon and a red pole center stage used as a “spiritual ceremonial gathering” celebration of our new arrival. In accompaniment of hand drumming, a tribal ritual dance commences in the center of the field signifying our arrival into our new city. An outsider, or intruder, interrupts our celebratory ritual. No longer safe and no longer hidden to civilization, our tribe must take action and do anything to survive.

“The production subTerra is full of theatrics through form of art and body, choreography, staging and melodic rhythms,” stated Mandarins Creative Director Mario Ramirez. The musical inspiration comes from a number of sources. “On the Shoulders of Giants” by Thomas Dossour and “Truman Sleeps” by Philip Glass inspire what we are calling The Chaseand Allure. Using “Run Boy Run” by Ambroise Willaume and Yoann Lemoine as our motivation for the Capture, we showcase both our percussion and front ensemble making the capture of this intruder by fooling him into thinking he is safe.

We finish our production with an original composition by Brass Arranger Key Poulan and Ike Jackson to give our audience a finale that has never been seen before. It is visually enchanting and a roller coaster of emotions that will captivate the audience. As we all know, in the world of art, imagination is key. We invite you to come on this journey with us and enjoy our 2019 production, subTerra.

JW Koester, Mandarins Corps Director believes that “the members have really stepped up their game relative to their focus and commitment to performing this year’s program. The design team has done excellent work to follow up on last seasons success with another stunning production.”

“This production further builds on the organizational growth of the Mandarins over the past several years. We have seen growth in talent and excellence on the field while maintaining the historical value of respect throughout our 56 year history,” stated Jim Tabuchi, President and CEO of the Sacramento Mandarins.

View a listing of the show sites for the Mandarins 2019 season. Learn more about subTerra in the videos below.

The Sacramento Mandarins for the first time in the corps 55-year history achieved its highest ranking, finishing 10th in Drum Corps International Finals Competition. The Mandarins are proud to have impacted the lives of thousands of youth, teaching them the values of respect, leadership, discipline, and good citizenship with a true sense of purpose.

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