February Brass Camp Update from JW

Yes, it is that time of the season when percussion and color guard sections are off performing with their winter ensembles and the brass section gets to have the rehearsal site all to themselves with just the brass and visual staffs. They are getting in some awesome music and visual techniques as well as playing the 2020 summer show music.
No, we aren’t ready to announce the name of our show or give you a peek at our new uniforms or view the crazy, cool props but … they are all being worked on and it IS going to be exciting.
Summer spring training plans continue to progress.  Well, they do on most days and on others we take a step back due to facilities challenges, dates that don’t work, and other interesting reasons. So, fear not as Keith Sanpei and his admin team are working diligently so that the corps has a home for every day of spring training.
Remember that move-in day is Friday, May 22, 2020 with check-in starting at 6:00 PM.   I’ll give the members back to their families on Sunday, August 9, 2020 after finals night in Indianapolis.
Did I say Sunday, August 9th?!?!  Yes, I did, because we will host our year-end drum corps banquet on Sunday morning in Indianapolis (site TBD). We will be done at 12:00 PM noon with the buses rolling to the airport to drop off members.  

Other exciting news – our new brass instruments are on order, as are our new front ensemble instruments, as well as our new percussion battery instruments.  And, we are giving our mellophones a little upgrade to assist the players to play in tune with just a little more ease. Not a bad thing at all – in fact, it is a very good thing. Tim Snyder (our Brass Caption Manager) is working closely with Jupiter and our local brass maintenance folks to devise a cool, new modification to the mellophones. 
Tour planning continues with housing sites starting to be confirmed and other days of interest – such as free-time locations, mail drops, laundry times, and Walmart stops all being plugged into the schedule. We have renewed our contract with Village Tours, our charter bus company from 2019.  We are excited to be working with them again this year!

Slow times in the winter – right!! LOL!!

Take Care,
Corps Director

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