Mandarins Music Academy Beginning Band Program

Provided by Elk Grove Unified School District and Sacramento Mandarins

At the Mandarins, our core belief is that music education contributes greatly to the mental and social development of children. The mission of the Mandarins Music Academy is to “Give the Gift of Music” to as many children as possible in an equitable way.  Music education and performance provide an emotional outlet of expression for the children that are needed more than ever.

The Mandarins Music Academy began in 2016. While many were advocating for music education at the state and federal level, the Mandarins took a more grass roots, entrepreneurial approach. Just start up band programs and help them grow. So we began with one cute little elementary school program with 11 students at Ehrhardt Elementary School in the Elk Grove Unified School District. The program doubled in the number of schools and children served every year… until COVID hit. We are pleased to reach an agreement with Elk Grove Unified School District to support band programs at all 42 elementary schools beginning in 2022. This program is anticipated to provide music education to over 1,100 students (100 times more students than when we began!)

The Mandarins Music Academy beginning band program is a fun and educational opportunity for children to learn how to read and perform music.

Classes are held twice weekly for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, before or after school.

Find more information here, and also share this flyer with other interested parents.

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