It’s Live, It’s Real, It’s Now!

Wow, it’s true! We have a drum corps for the 2022 season. Following our recent January camp, we have contracted 62 brass members, 27 percussion members, 32 color guard members, and 4 drum majors. No, we are not full just yet but we are getting there. The brass section should be full by late April, the percussion section by mid-February and the color guard section by the beginning of May. Also, at the January camp, the brass section played through some of the 2022 show – now isn’t that exciting?

Tyler Allin and the Mushu kitchen crew served up delicious meals, Alice “Geema” and her airport shuttle crew got everyone where they needed to be when they needed to be there, Keith and his tour admin team kept everyone on schedule, and the instructional staff provided amazing information to all of the drum corps participants. And, as much as California needs the rain, we were fortunate to have clear weather (except for the Saturday AM fog) throughout the weekend.

Show design continues to develop right on schedule with additional music being arranged and the visual program preparing to put dots on paper. Becca Anderson (Creative Director) and I met with our friends at Fruhauf Uniforms and got them working on the 2022 brass & percussion uniform while our color guard costuming company (stay tuned for the upcoming press release) has started work on the 2022 color guard costume. Flag designs – in progress, prop prototypes – in progress, tour housing – in progress. So yes, everything to make the 2022 program happen is on schedule! Ya gotta love that – I sure do.

This month (February 18 – 20) is our brass-only camp as the percussion and color guard members are deeply engaged with their winter programs and almost every percussion & color guard member is in a winter program of some sort, be it winter percussion, winter guard or winter winds.

All I can say is Mandarins 2022 –  It’s Live, It’s Real, It’s NOW!

Corps Director

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