Mandarins Music Academy Opening Day!

The Mandarins Music Academy (MMA) started our elementary school band programs this week. We had about 1,000 student applications and have enrolled over 800 students. This is taking place at 34 elementary schools within the Elk Grove Unified School District. This is just the beginning of the musical journey for these young musicians and we anticipate that some will become professional musicians, music educators and others lifelong lovers of music.
We have dedicated the MMA Opening Day in memory or our longtime Mandarins supporter Sy Miyasato. Sy was one of the pillars of our MMA program when we first started with only 11 students. He volunteered to unpack, label, prep and care for all of our instruments. We lost Sy two years ago, but we know that Sy would be proud to know that his daughter Keiko is carrying on his legacy by teaching at three of the schools. Through donations from our supporters we are pleased to announce that Sy will be recognized with his name on the back of every MMA t-shirt.
If you would like to help us Give the Gift of Music to these children, please click here, to donate.
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