2022 DCI Volunteer of the Year

Kathleen Bakergumprecht-Davies

Volunteers serve as the lifeblood of every drum corps, providing much-needed assistance and support to ensure that performing students can take part in the life-changing drum corps experience.

Drum Corps International’s Volunteer of the Year awards highlight some of the most devoted and hardworking individuals in all of Marching Music’s Major League. Those whom without their dedication, the spectacle just wouldn’t shine the same.

Following a selection process administered by Drum Corps International’s Friends of DCI program, the 2022 honored recipients will be recognized this August during the DCI World Championship Semifinals in Indianapolis.

A do-it-all volunteer for a growing World Class drum corps organization, Kathleen Bakergumprecht-Davies is an integral piece of the Mandarins’ puzzle.

“In the Mandarins’ 59-year history, there has never been a volunteer who has dedicated themself in so many different ways to the development of the organization than Kathleen Bakergumprecht-Davies,” Mandarins executive advisor Jim Tabuchi said. “The growth of the Mandarins would not have been possible without her ideas, knowledge, dedication and hands-on hard work to make things happen.”

Bakergumprehct-Davies’ fingerprints are on all corners of the Mandarins organization, including fundraising, prop building and professional support. She has provided legal counsel for the Sacramento corps, led the charge to gather donations for the corps’ equipment and kitchen trailers, and has been crucial in securing grant money. Also, Kathleen helped implement the Mandarins’ online store and revamped their souvenir operations by acquiring a trailer and arranging for booths, displays, and point-of-sale functionality.

A consistent donor of time as well as financial resources, Bakergrumpecht-Davies played a key role in developing the Mandarins’ home event, the DCI Capital Classic drum corps show in Sacramento, and created and manages the corps’ whistleblower committee.

“Kathleen has provided thousands of hours of volunteer services to the Mandarins in every way imaginable and has never asked for a penny in compensation,” Tabuchi said.

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