December Update from JW

We have completed our initial onsite auditions (Dallas, San Antonio, Sacramento, Indianapolis & Duarte) and many contracts have been offered to the 2020 membership.  I must say that the talent that we have seen this year is the highest since I arrived at the Mandarins in the fall of 2015!  The dedication, desire, and focus of these young people is amazing and I look forward to our January camp (January 17 – 19, 2020) where we expect to finalize the brass and percussion sections membership.  The color guard membership is coming along as well but due to their winter guard activities we won’t see them again until April.
The design team continues development of the 2020 program as the brass section has already been playing through excerpts of the music.  And, there’s a good chance that the percussion will be playing show music at the January camp.  Ike, Mario and I already visited Fruhauf Uniforms to detail the 2020 corps uniform (brass & percussion) and there just might be a prototype in Sacramento in our near future.  The 2020 tour has been released by DCI (Drum Corps International) and our tour admin team is busy working to connect the dots as we travel to Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, the East coast and to Indianapolis, IN for the DCI World Championships.  So, as you can tell, the 2020 season is already in full swing.

What does all this activity mean?  Well, for one thing, 2020 is going to be crazy busy and, we need your help to put all of the pieces in place so we have an amazing year !

If you want to help all you need to do is reach out to us and yes, we will respond.

Thanks and take care, 
Ciao, JW

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