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JW Sums Up the 2023 Season

Wow, wow, WOW!!! I don’t have any other way to describe the 2023 season. When the design team finished putting together the show, we knew we had created something good. But we didn’t know just how good IT would be. The corps members were solid as performers. But we didn’t know just how good THEY would be. Well, at the first show, we got our first inkling that we had something pretty special as the judges were very impressed with the show and the members were already performing at a high level. And, at just about every subsequent show the corps was setting new standards and breaking scoring records.

At the DCI Southwestern Championship in San Antonio, Texas, the Mandarins tied with Phantom Regiment for 5th place – our highest placement ever in world-class competition. The successes continued as we worked our way up the east coast to Allentown, Pennsylvania, and into the preliminary competition at the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis, Illinois.

Going into the preliminary competition we were seeded 5th, again our highest seed ever in world-class. The preliminary performance was a little tight as the corps was ever so nervous and yet, we placed 6th. The Mandarins staff was okay with that placement as we knew the last two performances would get better and better. And better they got!

The crowd on Friday night was loud and excited while the crowd on Saturday night, Finals night, was truly over-the-top as they gave the Mandarins multiple standing ovations throughout the performance. At our wrap-up, everyone was exuberant because the corps had truly peaked and maxed out with that performance that night, which is something that every corps always dreams of doing, but doesn’t always achieve. We earned 6th place! We finished with an amazing score of 93.775 and our highest placement EVER in World Class!

As an organization, it was a full team effort, from the design team to the instructional staff, to the driving team, to the Health and Wellness team, to the food services team, to the audio team, to the social media team, to the souvie team, to the admin team, and of course, to the corps members who gave everything they had to be the best that they could be.

I would like to recognize our amazing friends, family, and fans who supported us every step of the way, as they had complete faith in us. And another thank you to the Mandarins Board of Directors and organizational teams that also provided their support and backing. We couldn’t have done it without their support.

So, now what? Well, 2024 is already happening! Wait, what?? Koester, what are you talking about?? Well, we have already posted our 2024 audition dates and the design team is already thinking about the next what-if, so yes, we are already working on 2024! But if you want to sit back and enjoy Sinnerman just a little longer, I’m okay with that.

Corps Director

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