And The Planning Begins

Drum Corps Update from JW

Greetings all,
The dust has settled and the 2023 season has been packed away. Of course, there are still outstanding 2023 actions to complete – sending out thank you notes to housing sites, processing invoices, staff wrap-ups, internal reviews of how the season went, etc. However, for all intents and purposes, the 2023 drum corps season is done. And how do I know this? Well, because when I got home the Sunday night after DCI finals, I already had about 50 emails asking about the 2024 season!
And so, it begins! Yes, the 2024 drum corps season is in full swing – audition camp dates have been posted, the audition packets are for sale, and the audition registrations are live. And yes, potential members are already registering for both in-person and video auditions. We have determined the winter/spring camp schedule and are finalizing the spring training move-in date. This also means that we are already working on locating and locking in our spring training housing sites.
I am happy to announce that our entire design team is returning for the 2024 season and weekly meetings are already taking place discussing what we are going to do in 2024. I am also very happy to announce that all our caption heads are returning for another exciting season, as are many of our other important support team members.
The feedback that we are receiving indicates that this may be one of our best years, as many of our veteran corps members plan to return for another season. 
Even though we have a few months left in the 2023 calendar year, we are way deep into the 2024 season, and what a season it will be! Until the next time.

Corps Director

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